Smithfield Farmland Careers

A Shared Passion. A Shared Heritage.

Smithfield Farmland was created in 2013 through the combination of two successful companies built on taking pride in their people and their product: Smithfield Packing Company and Farmland Foods. Through our Fresh Meat and Packaged Food groups, Smithfield Farmland provides a broad selection of quality products for retail, foodservice, and deli customers. Primary product lines include fresh pork, bacon, cooked hams, lunchmeat, sausages, and hot dogs.

In addition to the Smithfield and Farmland brands, our Gwaltney, Cook’s, Cumberland Gap, and Esskay products are among the leaders in their respective markets. Smithfield Farmland has a large and growing international business, exporting products to more than 60 countries across six continents. With more than 21,800 employees, $994 million in wages, and $6.3 million in community donations, Smithfield Farmland is the prime and perfect place for employees to call home.

Smithfield Farmland Stories